Day one
A good time was had by all at the Starklite field meet which coincided we Shorty Starks birthday.

Terry Anderson not to be outdone decided at 10am that his bike was using to much oil and needed a top end job. Six hours later he was riding it again with new rings, pistons and clean honed barrels. The only drawback is he needs to carry a drip tray.

Day two
After leaving Starklite I was a short ride of 30 miles to Corona, this was a shakedown ride to see what would fall off the bikes after their long sea voyage.
How good are Indian's ? Not one failure.

Corona will never be the same after the Australian's had left but that is another story.

Day three
Up the coast to Oxnard was uneventful but what a great ride, through LA is the worst place to be on a motor cycle on the wrong side of the road. The LA traffic and freeways were a little overpowering but we all managed to get through it.

At Oxnard we had the fantastic opportunity to inspect a private museum owned by Otis Chandler, it was filled with many rare bikes including the "Holly Grail" of Indians he has the one of the first Indians made. Year 1901 This is believed to be one of the first three made.

Terry Anderson finally solved his oil leaks, he overfilled the gearbox. We stayed at San Luis Obispo.

Day Four
Continued up the coast to Half Moon Bay
Kevin Storey on his Chout had a lucky escape, near "Big Sur" while overtaking a car on the coast road. He went around a car and hit a large rock at high speed (just a tad over the local speed limit). He managed to control his machine but the huge dint in the front wheel will ensure he will remember the event for quite a while.

Peter Anderson's bike had some generator trouble causing it to be the first bike to be put into the trailer under the five-minute rule. The five-minute rule is "If you can not fix it in five minutes the bike has a rest day until the next stop.

Day five
A lay day from the bikes. We all went into San Francisco. A trip around Alcatraz (Luckily they didn't lock any of us up !), a Cable Car ride and some good food filled the day, we returned to Half Moon Bay to pick up our machines for the next sector.

Day Six

We were escorted by Mark Anthony from San Francisco to have breakfast at "Alice's Restaurant" which is located on top of La Honda. What a great ride up.

Mark Anthony was severely embarrassed when getting off his Moto Guzzi outside the establishment. To the best of our ability by the way Mark was pinned to the ground we can assume the Guzzi did not like the Indian company and attacked Mark by pinning him to the ground (under the bike). No damage was done to either rider or machine, Kevin Storey was lucky as he was the next bike. He only had to reattach the "rice burner" carburetor he runs on his Chout.

Stay tuned for more details !