Kangaroo Tour '97

Day 1 - Arrive at Starklite Cycle to unload our bikes which we packed up over 30 days ago to make the trip via boat.

12 Motorcycles in their crates awaiting our arrival to use the fork lift to remove them, and pray they are undamaged.

Opps, did we commit a sin shipping our Indians in used Harley Davidson Shipping crates ?

Luckily these crates come apart pretty easy !
Wait a second, it looks like an Indian, but what type of an Indian motor is that ?

It's a VINDIAN !!

Peter Arrundel working on his VINDIAN. The day before he crated the bike for shipment he bent the kicker shaft, so now it must be replaced.

Can you beleive all this Australians hard at work, and no beer can be seen in these photos ?

Did they hide the cans behind the camera lens ?

How did a Triumph make it in this batch of Indians ?

Well I guess one oddball out of 12 aint' bad !

What is that in this mechanics hand ?

It's the Australian Universal Indian Tool Wrench !


And if this wrench doesnt fit, you should see the bigger one !

Stay tuned for more info as the trip proceeds !

Luckily none of the bikes suffered any damage during their thousands of miles of travels to the states ! And they all run perfect !

Stay tuned !