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All patches are made to exacting standards to bring you the highest quality and come with a 100% money back guaranty if not satisfied.

arrowheadweb.jpg (11664 bytes) Arrowhead Patch (Grey & Red Chenille embroidery). Large Wing Patch, 12in long - Suitable for back of a Jacket largewingweb.jpg (68161 bytes)
bikepatchweb.jpg (10182 bytes) Large Indian Motorcycle Patch - Suitable for back of  Jacket (Red Color Avail only) Small Indian motorcycle Patch, Exactly the same as the patch on the left, only smaller. smallbikeweb.jpg (10249 bytes)
modernwing.jpg (8482 bytes) Small Modern Wing Design - 5in length Large Indian Motocycle Patch - Suitable for back of a Jacket (Chenille embroidery). This is an extremely large patch, it is 13 inches diameter !

Same as above, 5in diameter

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smallwingweb.jpg (8722 bytes) Small Wing Patch Large Patch "Indian World's Finest Motorcycle" Suitable for back of a jacket (Black & White Embroidery). worldsgreatweb.jpg (15137 bytes)