Starklite Cycle is constantly adding new items to our list of Indian Motorcycle Parts. Below are just a few of our latest offerings:


cylinders.jpg (23930 bytes) NEW REPRODUCTION  CHIEF CYLINDERS 1940-1953 - These Ductile Iron Cylinders have been road tested over 5,000 miles with no noticeable wear !

$1565/set This includes: Cylinders, Valve Guides, Pistons, Rings, and   Stainless Steel Valves (hard chromed stems) with Stelite Tips. Our Valves have been specialy designed by SLC to offer improved wear characteristics by increasing the hard chrome thickness on the valve stems ! (Absolutely the best valve available !).

basegskt.jpg (7505 bytes) NEW BASEGASKET !

#22B655A $9.95ea (2 req.)

What gasket has the potential to leak the most, and be difficult to replace ? The basegaskets. Our newly designed base gaskets are made to prevent leaks !

  • Made from SAE 1010 steel and bonded with oil resistant rubber
  • Coated with "Cold Flow" Silicone wuth raised elastomeric sealing bead around critical areas
  • Excellent Torque Retention
  • 0.020" Thick steel will not Crack, Tear, Rip or Creep out during assembly
  • Service Life is double that of paper gaskets
  • No other sealant is required during assembly !

To improve the gaskets ability to "Cold Seal" the engine so that it doesnt leak our gaskets are coated with Silicone. The Cold Flow characteristics of the coating material help the gasket flow into the small scratches and imperfections in the crankcase. Our gaskets have a raised elastomeric sealing bead around critical areas. The raised bead increases the clamping force for improved long term sealing. Under no circumstances should any sealer be applied to these gaskets. Using a chemical sealer may cause the a reaction with the silicone coating and cause the gasket to fail.

22B655A - $9.95
headgskt.jpg (8102 bytes) #75378C Copper Head Gasket $24.95 ea

If any gasket can cause you problems on the road, it's the head gasket. A blown headgasket is your worse nightmare on a long ride. Our new Head Gasket will end your nightmares.

  • Copper Clad - With Asbestos middle (unlike solid copper head gaskets, these have an Asbestos Core. This allows the gasket to form itself to your head and clyinder
  • Excellent Torque Retention
  • Excellent Heat Transfer
  • Prevents Blown Head Gaskets when properly torqued
    75378C - $24.95 (XXL +$1)

All of these items are in stock for immediate shipment.

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