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1946 Indian Chief

1946 Indian Chief: 74 Cubic Inch Engine
Owned by: Stanley Rocklin

The Story of Red Cloud

Red Cloud is a 1946 Indian Chief whose previous owner's widow said she'd stake her all on the 31,000 mile speedo reading. Matching frame and engine are as original as the sheet metal. Red Cloud was bought on consignment from Bob's Indian in Etters, PA by Rocky Rocheux in October of 1996. Previous owner/restorer was Dave Lerch of Harrisburg, PA who, in his early 50s, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from cancer just after Easter 1996.

Red Cloud was the odd color of the traditional Hershey bar wrapper. It was an "older restoration" per Bob Markey of Bob's. Since the right gas tank was leaking into the oil tank the tanks had to be redone necessitating, then, a paint job. Bob disassembled the bike and it was painted by Rocky's wife's son, Chris BeLieu of Carlisle, PA (a restorer of early 60s Ford Mustangs). Chris said he found that Red Cloud was once a "real rust bucket." The bike was painted Indian Red over a creme paint made up by Chris using white paint and just the slightest hint of Indian Red. The light color truly highlights those fully valanced Indian fenders.

Back at Bob's Red Cloud got a few needed new parts, reassembly and a tweaking. With that, Red Cloud roared out of Bob's running like a strong old Baldwin steam locomotive.

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