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1999 Indian OHV Chief

Need more performance for your Chief Motorcycle?
Starklite Cycle is now the US distributor for the Overhead Valve Top End Kit, Manufactured in Australia by Wigwam Engineering

Starklite Cycle booth in Davenport Iowa in September 2000

Plan to see it & Hear it in Person !

Pricing for conversion kits is $6,500-

For more details please call Starklite Cycle 909-780-0421 or look for a full review of the bike on this page in October 2000!

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Overhead Valve 1946 Indian Chief from Australia. I always look forward to the first Sunday in May. The annual "Great Race" a time trial challenge between Indian and Harley held in Melbourne Australia.

This years event has brought out a development project "THE INDIAN TOMAHAWK" from a new source. WIGWAM ENGINEERING.

Peter Arundel's love of the Indian Marquis combined with engineering expertise of well known motor engineer Lindsay Urquhart have release to the public their first prototype ever of a RUNNING Overhead valve modern combustion chamber enclosed rocker box Indian.

What they have created is fantastic. Not just a wooden prototype or a S&S replica Harley. I have heard it running and all I can say is WOW where do I place my order. It Revs like a Ducati but sounds like a fire breathing Indian. 90 Hp has been mentioned as not unreasonable.

What is standard Indian 1946 Chief from the outside

* All the bottom end including Crankcases, Gearbox, Primary

* Exhaust system (That's correct a standard 46 exhaust will plug straight in)

What they have added.

* Barrels, modern cylindrical design to eliminate traditional side valve distortion problems.

* Heads based on a late model combustion chamber design complete with a finned exhaust header to simulate a standard Indian sidevalve barrel exhaust port

* Rocker covers designed to simulate the appearance of a standard Indian side valve head.

* 42mm Mikuni Carby

What looks different

* The Spark plugs are on the opposite side near the 42mm Micuni carby.

* Lower frame tube under the gas tanks has had to be made removable to allow in the frame valve adjustments.

* To allow for the extra height of the overhead valves they have had to add one or two fins to the standard Indian configuration but they have

maintained the same fin spacing as the original design.

What they are working on

* Constant mesh gear box as a bolt on accessory.

* Active trailing arm rear suspension.

Based on the current work any future developments will be in keeping with the old design and styling

To quote Peter Arundel "I am the Original Indian Purest"


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